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Friday Jul 26, 2019

Get ready to be uplifted in your spirit as Dr. Michael Mosley explains how being spiritual is not a religion but a way of living successfully. In this broadcast, you will be encouraged to start viewing life beyond what is seen with the natural and explore the higher or overall meaning of the situation at hand. Listen to other callers as they share stories of having to look deeper and beyond the happenings in their lives to attract the good they desired in their lives. In addition, Dr. Mosley gives live readings to the callers and words of motivation to us all. You're going to be Spiritually Uplifted in the episode of "Your Spiritual GPS to Success!"

Friday Jul 05, 2019

While many of us look at the 4th of July as a once-a-year holiday, Dr. Mosley encourages us to keep the thought process of freedom ringing in our minds. In order to really celebrate freedom, one must acknowledge and identify that negative energy of limitation. During this show, you will hear live callers talk about how they overcame that feeling of being limited to the productive feeling of liberation. Keep the celebration going on this episode of "Your Spiritual GPS to Sucess!"

Friday Jun 21, 2019

Bounce Back! Description: Many of us have at some point in time experienced situations that were either devastating or disappointing. These situations can have a tendency to leave us feeling depressed, shaken and even stagnate about life. In this broadcast, our Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Life Coach shares insight along with the live callers, on ways we can bounce back from life's disappointments. You'll hear how one woman bounced back from 25 years of verbal abuse from her husband. You'll also hear words of prophetic encouragement given by Dr. Mosley to a woman still battling the loss of a loved one. There's a lot for you to gain and enjoy as you prepare to "Bounce Back" in the episode of "Your Spiritual GPS to Success!"

Saturday Jun 01, 2019

After we have stated our desires through prayer and/ or meditation, still sometimes God will say, “No!” What is our next stop to take? After listening to this broadcast, you’ll be inspired to look at a “no’ in a different light. Dr. Mosley gives prophetic insight and answers some interesting questions from callers in this episode of “Your Spiritual GPS to Success!”

Friday May 17, 2019

This broadcast is filled with great excitement and information as Dr. Mosley interviews the author of the book, "Faithfully Focused," Dr. Traneika Turner-Wentt. You are going to realize just how important it is to not just have faith, but how one must utilize the power to focus to get their heart's desire. Dr. Mosley has labeled this new book as a "must-have" for your library. After hearing this broadcast, you'll understand why! Get ready to be motivated and encouraged to FOCUS on the episode of "Your Spiritual GPS to Success!"

Friday May 03, 2019

In this awesome broadcast, you'll be encouraged to think about the story of David and Goliath in a totally new way! Dr. Mosley teaches how David manifested Goliath and why Goliath was so necessary for the fame, fortune, and future of David! You will also hear from listeners, how they have used a "Goliath" situation to prove their capabilities and overcome struggles into joyful triumphs. This show is packed with great wisdom, insight, and motivation. So enjoy another episode of "Your Spiritual GPS to Success!"

Friday Apr 19, 2019

Description: Coming straight off the LOA Cruise, Dr. Mosley shares a powerful insight he received from Paula Kidd Casey. In this broadcast, he urges us all to celebrate ourselves and realize those things we are actually doing and not minimized them by stating that we are "trying." To say you are "doing something" carries greater power of manifestation that the energy of "trying." Hear how some callers began to understand this concept and acknowledge things they are doing instead of trying. As always, Dr. Mosley gives readings to callers and insight into personal situations on this explosive edition of "Your Spiritual GPS to Success!"

Friday Mar 22, 2019

Spring is a wonderful time of transformation. It transforms the simple brown landscape into green grass with beautiful flowers. It reminds us of the beauty of life and how God returns to us that beauty that was once buried under the snow, dry grounds and empty branches. In this broadcast, our Intuitive Life Coach, Dr. Mosley encourages us to engage the wheels of Law of Attraction, by focusing on what it is you are looking to enjoy again, this Spring. You're going to enjoy the answers and the live readings given to callers on this episode of "Your Spiritual GPS to Success!" Visit

Friday Mar 08, 2019

Description: When was the last time you did something strictly for you? In the episode, Dr. Mosley encourages us all to take time to celebrate our own uniqueness. As you listen, you will realize how the Universe thoughtfully and specifically created you, which means you are totally unique. Celebrate that uniquness. You will also get ideas as to how to celebrate yourself as you listen to our Intuitive Life Coach give Live Readings and inspiration to callers on this enlightening edition of "Your Spiritual GPS to Success!"

Sunday Feb 17, 2019

Recorded the day before Valentine's Day, our Intuitive Life Coach explores the ideas reflecting what you desire to attract, by being attractive. This show is packed with humor, prophetic insight and a lot of fun. You are guaranteed to smile and be filled with the joy to attract those wonderful things you desire by becoming a matching vibration. Listen as Dr. Mosley gives prophetic insight to callers and even find out what they did to attract what the love on this edition of "Your Spiritual GPS to Success" with Dr. Michael Mosley.

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